Free Clinic Registration Appointment Scheduler

Welcome to the appointment scheduler for the Martin Clinic free integrative clinic.

Note that these appointments are for the initial registration and eligibility intake process
that needs to occur before your health care provider can meet with you.
We are not medical staff and cannot provide medical care at this appointment.

If you have urgent medical issues please go to the emergency room or call 911.

This is not the enrollment for Humanizing Medicine (see and only Humanizing Medicine can directly provide services related to Mistletoe. We may be able to assist with patient grants as funds allow- please make an appointment here to discuss and start the process.

How it works:
Click on any time to make an appointment. The appointments are in 30 minute intervals.
If you have a spouse or children please select 2 slots so we can serve you best.

If you need help with an appointment please call (610) 756-7772 and I will get back to you as soon as possible to try to schedule an appointment.
At this time we are all volunteer staff but do our best to meet your needs.

Cost: Every appointment is at no charge to you. We are a donation based free clinic.

Please see our page regarding patient eligibility. We serve patients in our free clinic who are 200% and below the federal poverty level.
For those not eligible for our free clinic please visit Humanizing Medicine
This enrollment page is the same we use in our clinic- to save time at our visit you may fill out the enrollment form prior to your appointment.

Thank you,
Enid Hancock